Thursday, 22 August 2013

Projects to continue in September

Dear Hackademics, 

The new current list of people is above. We're going to be very much focused on Darwinian neurodynamics and building unconventional robots using 3D printing and soft sensors to test those algorithms. Boris is working on efficient representations of policies. Chris Jack plans to modify our sensorimotor contingencies somehow, but he'll know better after he gets back from Zurich I hope. Mark is making an unconventional worm bot. 

NOTE OF CAUTION: You should begin your projects by September. The week itself is a final get-together to write up papers together in a peaceful and contemplative environment, and demonstrate hardware, along with sci fi poetry writing and sci-fi cooking of-course. 

Travel arrangements will be as follows; We leave from London on 11th in 2-3 large people carriers which we hire. Mark Roper/Chris Jack and I will drive these. We take equipment 3D printer etc… electronics equipment and so forth.. as needed, we get food delivered from Waitrose or take some as well, we arrive in the evening and make dinner. 


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