Monday, 1 July 2013

First meeting June 28th 2013.


1. Pollie, Rob and Simon: Emotional monitoring for cooperation.

2. Mark Roper: Soft Bodied /3D printed hybrid robots

3. Chrisantha Fernando/Vera Vasas/Alex Churchill : Darwinian neurodynamics in 3D printed robots and cuddly toys.

4. Chris Jack: Modification of sensorimotor contingencies

5. Boris Mitavskiy: Applying a new mathematical theorum about Monte-Carlo Tree Search/Recombination and hidden Markov decision processes to real world issues in Wales.

6. Berit Greinke: Sensorial fabrics for robotics

7. Thomas Bangert: A new theory of colour vision

8. Frida Fernando: A study on trying to woalk?wourk? [Youth ambassador]

9. Rollo Hollins: Film director. A robotic editor, the perfect cut, automatic emotion controlled go-pro videoing.

I suggest that each group initiates their own post so that we can keep comments about each topic together. I've got some references for Pollie/Rob and Simon especially about the mathematics of cooperation which will be essential.

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